[thyme: n. aromatic herb; adj. thymy]


Thyme meaning courage and strength. Associated with well-being and happiness.

Connection space with Liesl Cronje – Brand architect for students, mold-breakers and entrepreneurs

Hi there!

I am Liesl Cronje, coach, mentor and brand architect to the courageous and wild at heart.  I guide students, mid-career mold breakers and budding entrepreneurs towards discovering their Unique Selling Proposition (talents, skills and passion).

In my former work life of twenty six years as HR practitioner, PR exec and training workshop facilitator, I mastered many skills around people, communication and connections, which I now combine with my life and business coaching skills to assist you!

Twelve years ago I resigned from a permanent position at an Educational Institution and started my own business Thyme Events, with the vision to facilitate events and workshops which connects people with their own passion and purpose as well as with others.  I broke the prescribed mold of day to day living and freed my heart!  It took lots of courage, hence the name Thyme Events – Thyme meaning courage.

Being a wild-at-heart-mold-breaker and entrepreneur is not easy but it’s worth it, and I wish it for you!

So, let’s connect!

Choose the Thyme Events logo to visit my workshop facilitation products and the Thyme2B logo to visit my brand architect products.

Isn’t it about thyme …

to find new ideas,

to connect,

to brand yourself, or your team,

to tell your story,

to start designing a new way of thinking and doing?

Whatever Thyme it is for you, I hope to be part of it!

Thyme greetings,

THYME2BLOG – for the latest blogs – please visit www.thyme2b.co.za

Newsletter December 2018

Thank you note


Dear almost graduate|How to access that hidden job market

BY LIESL CRONJE 3 MINUTE READ Dear almost graduate You’re...
Genoeg (2)

Oor genoeg

Hierdie blog is oorspronklik geskryf op 21 Mei 2017. Ek...
Under construction blog


It’s a new year, time for a change. I’m meeting...

Oor perskes

Ek ry huis toe. Elvis Blue sing oor die radio:...
Zevenwacht 3

Oor konneksie

Ek en ‘n vriendin kry mekaar vir koffie.  Of altans,...


Dis weer die jaarlikse vroue oggend van Stellenbosch Gemeente by...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR BROOS WEES

Oor broos wees

Swaarkry en broos wees is net soos die velletjie op...
Mom on vegan and compassion

Mom on Thyme on trying Vegan and having compassion

1 April 2017: With an ‘almost’ hippie son in our...
Thyme tool 1 counting your breath

Thyme 2 B

What does it mean to be?  According to the dictionary,...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR HOSTS

Oor ‘hosts':

Ons kerkgemeenskap stel ‘hosts’ of kuiergroepe bekend en ek en...
Thyme to blog new eyes

New eyes

Every day we are seen, by others, and by ourselves. ...
Thyme to break crayons

Thyme 2 break crayons:

I have recently been revisiting the concept of passion and...
25 jaar

Tiemie Ma oor 25 jaar en oor kamp

Vandag is ek 25 jaar getroud, met my hoërskoolliefde, en...
Mom on basil pesto

Mom on Thyme on Basil Pesto Pasta and Love

14 November 2016: They say that in India, basil was...
Mom on rey bread and olive oil

Mom on Thyme on rye bread and olive oil:

30 October 2016: Lately I’ve been wondering about the wholesomeness...
Mom on Thyme mushroom pasta

Mom on Thyme on Mushroom Pasta and Thyme2B:

19 October 2016 Sometimes moms get tired and just need...
Mom on Thyme liefde en pannekoek

Mom on Thyme on Love and Pancakes|Tiemie Ma oor Liefde en Pannekoek

26 September 2016: A fireplace, family & friends and music,...
Mom on Thyme Brand and braai

Mom on Thyme on brand & ‘braai’|Tiemie Ma oor korporatiewe identiteit & braai

23 September 2016: So:  Thyme means ‘courage’.  They say it’s...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR HOES EN PROES

Oor hoes en proes:

‘n Kat met diarieë is ‘n onaangename ding, veral as...
Mom on Thyme Cowboy

Mom on Thyme on vulnerability & cowboy food|Tiemie Ma oor kwesbaarheid & ‘Cowboy’ kos

My usual schedule is work in the mornings, hunting for...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 BALONNE

Oor balonne en oor nee of ja sê:

‘n Vriendin nooi my vir middagete en ek dink eers...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 STUURWIELE

Oor stuurwiele:

Dis baie lekker as jou kinders kan bestuur. Effense spanning...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR GEMMERTEE

Oor gemmertee:

Ek drink gemmertee op ‘n vriendin se stoep.  Lekker sterk...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR HUMOR

Oor humor:

Oor humor: Soms, as die lewe ‘n bietjie swaar raak,...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR HEILIGE GROND

Oor Heilige Grond:

‘n Vriend van my skryf ‘n song “Holy Ground”. En...
Thyme to blog about vulnerability

About vulnerability

They say to be vulnerable, mean to be capable of...
Thyme to blog i choose a venue with a story

I choose a venue with a story

What makes a venue special? Really special? I’ve asked around...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR PRENTJIES

Oor prentjies:

Oral waar ‘n mens gaan is prentjies. Prentjies in Afrikaans,...
Thyme to blog my happy place

My happy place:

A search on Pinterest about happy places resulted in the...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR SWARTBORDE

Oor swartborde en lysies:

‘n Swartbord in ‘n spens is meestal daar vir lysies,...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR BUITEKANTE

Oor buitekante en binnekante:

Wat is dit wat mens mooimaak? Alles wat jy opsit...
Thyme to blog why I do what I do

Why I do what I do …

I am a firm believer that we were created to...
Thyme to blog why women

Why women?

Woman ˈwʊmən/ noun an adult human female , a female...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 MOOI

Oor mooi

Ek sien elke dag mooi. (“Beauty” is eintlik ‘n mooier...
Tiemie pos logo grys

Oor draf en polkadot serpe:

Soms het ‘n mens nodig om beter te voel. Lag...
Why Stories

Why Stories?

According to Ed Catmull – founder of Pixar – we...
IMG_1301.jpg small

A leap of faith

I’ve recently seen a beautiful sculpture – “Leap of faith...
IMG_7158.jpg arms wide open

Vulnerability in creativity

According to the freedictionary.com, to be vulnerable means: “to be...


2015. What a busy busy year! I thought this year...


ˈwʊmən/ noun an adult human female. a female person associated...
Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 8.31.52 AM

“Die geur van hoop”

Written by Jacqueline Leuvenink for Leef Magazine

Who are you really?

If someone were to ask you, who are you? What...
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