[thyme: n. aromatic herb; adj. thymy]

Meaning courage and strength. Associated with well-being and happiness.

Hi there! I am Liesl Cronje and it is my passion in life to make you aware of new possibilities, new dreams, and new beginnings. I find stories in venues and small businesses. I help venues and small businesses with social media strategizing and the management of their social media plans and I coach individuals and teams because I am passionate about igniting new ideas and developing their personal and business brands.    I love people’s unique ‘already lived’ and ‘still to be lived’ stories, their planned and unplanned journeys, their possibilities and their inborn potential and creativity.

With a little bit of courage, some creativity and a lots of hope, anything is possible.

Isn’t about thyme …?

Thyme to do something different.

Thyme to do something new.

Thyme to look through a different lens.

Thyme to tell your story.

Whatever Thyme it is for you, I hope that I can be part of your special journey.

With love,


Mom on Thyme mushroom pasta

Mom on Thyme on Mushroom Pasta and Thyme2B:

19 October 2016 Sometimes moms get tired and just need...
Mom on Thyme liefde en pannekoek

Mom on Thyme on Love and Pancakes|Tiemie Ma oor Liefde en Pannekoek

26 September 2016: A fireplace, family & friends and music,...
Mom on Thyme Brand and braai

Mom on Thyme on brand & ‘braai’|Tiemie Ma oor korporatiewe identiteit & braai

23 September 2016: So:  Thyme means ‘courage’.  They say it’s...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR HOES EN PROES

Oor hoes en proes:

‘n Kat met diarieë is ‘n onaangename ding, veral as...
Mom on Thyme Cowboy

Mom on Thyme on vulnerability & cowboy food|Tiemie Ma oor kwesbaarheid & ‘Cowboy’ kos

My usual schedule is work in the mornings, hunting for...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 BALONNE

Oor balonne en oor nee of ja sê:

‘n Vriendin nooi my vir middagete en ek dink eers...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 STUURWIELE

Oor stuurwiele:

Dis baie lekker as jou kinders kan bestuur. Effense spanning...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR GEMMERTEE

Oor gemmertee:

Ek drink gemmertee op ‘n vriendin se stoep.  Lekker sterk...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR HUMOR

Oor humor:

Oor humor: Soms, as die lewe ‘n bietjie swaar raak,...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR HEILIGE GROND

Oor Heilige Plekke:

‘n Vriend van my skryf ‘n song “Holy Ground”. En...
Thyme to blog about vulnerability

About vulnerability

They say to be vulnerable, mean to be capable of...
Thyme to blog i choose a venue with a story

I choose a venue with a story

What makes a venue special? Really special? I’ve asked around...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR PRENTJIES

Oor prentjies:

Oral waar ‘n mens gaan is prentjies. Prentjies in Afrikaans,...
Thyme to blog my happy place

My happy place:

A search on Pinterest about happy places resulted in the...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR SWARTBORDE

Oor swartborde en lysies:

‘n Swartbord in ‘n spens is meestal daar vir lysies,...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 OOR BUITEKANTE

Oor buitekante en binnekante:

Wat is dit wat mens mooimaak? Alles wat jy opsit...
Thyme to blog why I do what I do

Why I do what I do …

I am a firm believer that we were created to...
Thyme to blog why women

Why women?

Woman ˈwʊmən/ noun an adult human female , a female...
Tiemie pos logo grys groen 2 MOOI

Oor mooi

Ek sien elke dag mooi. (“Beauty” is eintlik ‘n mooier...
Tiemie pos logo grys

Oor draf en polkadot serpe:

Soms het ‘n mens nodig om beter te voel. Lag...
Why Stories

Why Stories?

According to Ed Catmull – founder of Pixar – we...
IMG_1301.jpg small

A leap of faith

I’ve recently seen a beautiful sculpture – “Leap of faith...
IMG_7158.jpg arms wide open

Vulnerability in creativity

According to the freedictionary.com, to be vulnerable means: “to be...


2015. What a busy busy year! I thought this year...


ˈwʊmən/ noun an adult human female. a female person associated...
Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 8.31.52 AM

“Die geur van hoop”

Written by Jacqueline Leuvenink for Leef Magazine

Who are you really?

If someone were to ask you, who are you? What...
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