an adult human female.
a female person associated with a particular place, activity, or occupation.

No wonder some of us struggle with the concept of work-life balance. According to the above definition, we are associated with a particular place, a particular activity or a particular occupation.   Is this true? We’ll maybe not in today’s life.   I regularly find myself at different places – (work, home, kids’s sport) busy with more than one activity and having more than one occupation, all at the same time … can it be? This is surely a recipe for work-life imbalance?

According to Sheryl Sandberg – COO of facebook “ … there is no such thing as work-life balance. There’s work, and there’s life, and there’s no balance”.

But still we struggle with finding balance. As woman we have many tasks and many stressors, and we have to decide what is more important and if it is worth it. Your work-life balance will vary over time and even over days. We all have different priorities and dreams and there is no specific recipy.

I suppose we will have to ask ourselves: Why do I do this? How do I do it? What do I do? And maybe then we will get some true answers which will help us find balance.

Just make sure that you dó make time for yourself within everything you think you should do and be.

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away” – Barbara de Angelis