2015. What a busy busy year! I thought this year would be my year of simplify … Simplify meaning: to make something less complicated or easier, but as my husband recently commented wryly: “You and your friend Natie (who shared my resolution), spectacularly failed at this”!

And so it is, but for very good reasons. While qualifying myself as Life and Business coach and doing mom duties, the following Thyme happenings also took place:

• Boomhuis@The Woodmill team facilitation;
• Lééf Magazine retreat day and facilitation at Altydlig Wine Estate;
• Organising of 25 academic workshops for Chris Kapp and Associates and SU CHAE;
• Team member, Stellenbosch Gemeente Create team – creative ideas and implementation
• Individual coaching sessions;
• Research and writing an article on women and coaching and work-life balance;
• Interviews with many amazing women; and
• Launching a new website.

So, in conclusion, I’ve researched the phenomenon ‘Work-Life Balance’, and in the process of doing life, studies and business, found myself totally out of balance! How fascinating, I had to FEEL it in order to UNDERSTAND it …
An amazing year indeed, I have learned, I have grown and I have steadily moved. Next year I will simplify …
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement this year and remember to sign up at www.thyme.co.za to be part of the new Thyme2Think – “not your usual blog”, series from January 2016!

Hang in there, almost thyme for a rest. Have a blessed festive season, see you soon and if you are up to the challenge, hold on to what I have learned this year: Never judge (kill) another idea YET challenge every solution before you try it – Robert Alan Black