I’ve recently seen a beautiful sculpture – “Leap of faith is her name”. She tells the story of a girl who wants to take a leap of faith. A leap into the future, a leap towards new beginnings, a leap towards the unknown. And she’s scared …

‘Will this work? Can I do this? What am I leaving behind? Can I go back? Do I have enough courage to see this through? What’s on the other side? What if …?’

I know many such girls. Girls with stories. Stories of leaps of faith. Untold stories.

We all own a story, but not all of us share our story. Why is this? If stories can teach, heal, inspire, break down barriers, bring joy, give hope, relieve sadness, link communities, and help you understand better, what is keeping you from sharing?

Stories needn’t be complex, long or boring. And it needn’t be short, simple and fascinating. It can be written, it can be read, it can be told, it can be sculptured and it can be lived.

What if you had the courage to share your story? What if …? It may take a leap of faith though …

Try this:

10 Steps to share your story

1. Start small – embrace your story
2. Begin a journal and share your journey with yourself
3. Tell a friend
4. Share in your community
5. Start a blog – even if you don’t post online at first
6. Talk to groups
7. Be creative, design a “word cloud story” and post it on social media
8. Write a book
9. Post online and go global – http://www.globalscribes.org/yourstory
10. Live your own story …

It is my passion to help people embrace their stories and if this touched you, please share your story with me http://thyme2b.co.za/index.php/your-story/