an adult human female , a female person associated with a particular place, activity, or occupation [peculiar / specific context and culture] (Oxford Dictionaries)

According to the above definition, women are associated with a particular place, a particular activity, a particular occupation or context, tradition and culture. They are, however, no longer limited to one particular place, activity or occupation and although this definition is not peculiar to women, the challenges faced by women are very different from those faced by men.

Women are special and face unique challenges and pressures as they increasingly enter the corporate world, without abandoning their traditional role of nurturer and home-maker.

I have lived the struggle of doing what “needs to be done”, choosing the “safe” way, where everything is about coping with work, and family and ignoring my own creativity, passion, purpose and story.

I understand what women are facing and I know what it’s all about. I also know there can be more …

This is why am passionate about guiding and coaching women towards an awareness of new possibilities, new dreams and new beginnings and my greatest joy in life is to see them embrace their own stories and igniting and living their true potential and creativity.

To see them be, who they were made to be, so that they can truly live.