I am a firm believer that we were created to be happy, fulfilled, creative and caring towards others and that we should live our lives with purpose and passion.

As wife to my husband, mum, entrepreneur, businesswoman and idea and transformational coach, I have discovered that there are two choices in “doing” life. The one is the “safe” way of doing, as you think people, systems and processes expect of you. It’s the way of doing the same and usual things over and over again, having the same job description year in and year out, ignoring feelings of purpose and passion and forgetting that you were made to be much more. It’s the way of feeling tired all the time, the way of great dreams are meant for others, the way of, I could have been …

Then there is another way. The way of challenges and growth. The way of soul-searching, of rekindling forgotten dreams, nurturing passion and purpose, listening to your heart and when necessary, making choices and changing direction – even making U-turns.

I chose this way, the “not so easy” way, but the way of dreaming again, living my passion and purpose and honoring who I was made to be. The letting go of security in receiving monthly earnings way, but also the trusting in my own creativity and passion way. It was worthwhile. I have grown, I have changed, and I have learnt to be me.

If I as coach can affirm and strengthen other women to become who they were created and called to be and guide them towards creatively embracing and sharing their stories, I will have lived my dream.