A search on Pinterest about happy places resulted in the following … Some people think beaches are happy places. Some think reading books can bring you to a happy place, or being with someone specific. Some is of the opinion that it is on top of mountains and beneath the stars and others strongly state: “My happy place is wherever my coffee is”.

I think my happy place is in a cup of tea. In my husband’s smile when he talks to me. In my children’s eyes when we sit around the dinner table. In my dog’s excitement when I get home, in my cat’s warm fur when she sits on my lap. It’s in my running partner’s commitment and in my best friend’s hands. It’s in my green and white striped hanging chair in the sun, and it’s in the fairy lights in my garden after sunset. It’s in my favourate pen when I write in my diary and it’s in the little blue glass bottle on the window sill in my sitting room. It’s on a rock in the mountains and it’s in a bath filled with bubbles.

Happy places are all around us, it’s within our reach, easy to find. Sometimes we just forget where to look.

Where is your happy place? Can you see it now?