They say to be vulnerable, mean to be capable of being easily hurt or injured.

But why would one want to have a capability to be easily hurt or injured?

Synonyms for the word vulnerability describe it better. Exposed, wide open, unprotected, visible, unhidden, laid bare, naked, peeled.

Yes, peeled, an uncomfortable, not very pretty space. A space that comes without warning, within the blink of an eye. A space where one stands alone, before oneself, before others, before God with nothing to say, nothing to give and nothing to ask. Quiet.

To find survival skills for dealing with one’s vulnerable state is rather difficult. The capability, I think, is therefore not to be able to be easily hurt or injured, but rather to be able to survive this peeled state.

One has to embrace it. It cannot be changed. It cannot be erased. It cannot be forgotten. One has to be brave, very brave. One has to have more than courage and a willingness to stay in discomfort for as long as it takes to learn, grow and heal. One has to be fearless in trying new ideas, by yourself, not leaning on others to fix your problems. One has to know that things may get bad, very bad. One has to get a grip on things. Has to know that there will be tears, a lot. Has to live, day by day. Has to learn to trust God. Has to be honest. Has to have the courage to tell one’s story and has to know that this story is part of a bigger story.

I think I believe that this peeled state too shall pass, I hope it will. I trust it will …