26 September 2016:

A fireplace, family & friends and music, are some of the most important things in my life.   And comfort food, when it’s cold and rainy like today.  Pancakes, (Pannekoek), to be more specific.  The official ‘care about you’ food.   It says I care about you in the love it is made with, the sweet homely smell, and the different fillings that goes with it, one for every taste.

Today my daughter baked me pancakes, because it’s rainy and cold, because she is an excellent ‘pancake-baker’ and, I think, because she loves me.  And when everybody got home from work, we made a fire in the fire-place and put on music and ate pancakes and laughed and made plans for the future …

I share Lische’s pancake recipe with you, with love:


X 3 is enough for 6 adults

Use a filling of your choice

Total cost: R130 – 1 kg cake wheat flour as well as cheese on special at Pick n Pay


250 ml cake flour

5 ml baking powder

2 ml salt

200 ml milk

175 ml water

100 ml oil

5 ml lemon juice

2 eggs


Mix and bake (no need for extra oil in the pan as there is enough in the pancake mixture).

We made a diced bacon, mushrooms and cheese filling for the ‘main course’ and  had cinnamon sugar pancakes for desert.


Enjoy, and may you feel loved when eating this!

Will journal soon again.


Thyme greetings!

Liesl – Mom on Thyme


Liesl is a life-and business coach with her own coaching company named Thyme2B.