30 October 2016:

Lately I’ve been wondering about the wholesomeness of life.  Something which can only be experienced when you have bitter-sweet times.  It’s like olive oil.  Olive oil comes from the olive fruit. But when you press the fruit real hard, you won’t find oil, only a white sap, tasting bitter. To get the oil, the fruit and its seed have to be crushed by a great weight in an olive press. The crushing then also removes the bitterness and releases the wonderful pure benefits of olives.

What about us then?  Sometimes in life we are under a great weight.   But other than the olive fruit, we can make choices.  By being pressed or subjected to heavy weight, it’s our choice to be bitter, or to be wholesome. To feel crushed, or to release our true flavour.

I am grateful  … for olive oil


Here’s my Sunday night recipe:

Enough for 6 adults

125 ml olive oil

Rye bread




Total cost: R90


(Pure Cold pressed Virgin Olive oil from Dormeshire wine farm – R125 for 1.5l)


Dip sliced rye bread in olive oil.  Eat with olives and cheese slices and compliment with a glass of red wine.  Enjoy!

Will journal soon again.


Thyme love!

Liesl – Mom on Thyme


Liesl is a life-and business coach with her own coaching company named Thyme2B.