I have recently been revisiting the concept of passion and purpose.  It seems that there are many opinions and ideas around finding one’s passion and purpose, and that knowing when you found it, is actually the most difficult part of it all.

One of my passions in life is to find inspiration from beautiful and creative quotes, as well as pictures; and subsequently, to scroll around on Pinterest.  In my ‘exploring of new pins’, I stumbled upon the most intelligible explanation of life purpose which I could find thus far.  In an online article written by Mark Manson, on 7 Strange Questions that help you find your Life Purpose, he concludes that we all know that we exist on this earth for an unknown period of time, to do stuff.  Some important and some not so important, and that in the end, it’s the important things that give our lives meaning and happiness.  The unimportant things just kills time and actually wastes time.  Mark says,  “So when people say, ‘What should I do with my life?’ or ‘What is my life purpose?,  what they are really asking is:  ‘What can I do with my time that is important?’.

And so that is how I came to the conclusion that I want to break crayons with the time I have left and I want to assist others in doing so too.  Breaking crayons is a concept discovered and developed by Robert Alan Black, and it simply means to ‘use your crayons in a different way’.  Sharpen it, turn it flat, break it and use it in new ways that you are not used to.  In other words, see afresh.  Look at the same things from a different perspective.  Try new ideas.  Don’t be afraid to stretch and break your boundaries.  Explore, grow, expand, multiply, balloon and even explode!  You don’t have anything to lose, or maybe just the ‘you’ that you were not created to be. You will never know what you are capable of, where your true passion and purpose lies, who you really are and who and where you really need to be, if you don’t try a new perspective, a new colored crayon.

As coach, working with different people in different aspects of their lives, I encounter this phenomenon daily, “I want to do something new”. So, if you can determine what you want to do with your time that is important, what it is that really makes you feel good and energized, what it is that you are really good at doing – without effort – and where in life you can make a difference, then you will have found your purpose and you will feel that you have truly lived.  (Note, I did not say, then you will make lots of money – it’s not excluded but it should not be your main focus).

What can you do with your time that is important?  Maybe break crayons too?

I’m sure you’ll find the answer soon …