Every day we are seen, by others, and by ourselves.  What do they see, and what do we see?

At a practitioner coach meeting a few days ago, I saw a whole bunch of new coaching students.  But on looking closer, I discovered more …   I saw a dreamer girl with unwritten words stashed within her heart, who loves people, change and new adventures, and whose heart’s desire it is, to just be herself.

I saw a ‘lavender woman’, living her own flavour, but finding strength in a purple bunch of others with more ‘scents’ to share, sensing intuition in those around her, and holding a creative space for the one closest to her heart.

I found someone with a plan, finishing strong, but also willing to slow down when others need help.  Courage as a non-negotiable characteristic, fierce determination, unafraid to try.


I saw a beautiful artist through the eyes of God , who quietly colours the lives of youth,  with brush strokes of faith and creativity.

A puzzle builder and foundation giver to those around her, beauty and strength as part of her make-up.

A sensitive, sometimes ‘open-book’,  free-er of captives, who sees hidden potential in glitter through parted hair.

And an ‘embracer’ of transition – open to the keys of change and ready for an upgrade.


I also saw hearts, and crowns, rocks and glasses, crayons and chandeliers, and I saw a safety net, ready to catch those, who needs catching.

They say that a coaching journey is almost like a new beginning, a transition, an irreversible change.  They also say that “the voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”.

To all the new coaching students at Strong Foundation, I see you, and I believe that, at the end of this journey, you will be able to see deeper … into others … and into yourselves.

Quote:  Marcel Proust.