• 25 jaar

Tiemie Ma oor 25 jaar en oor kamp

Vandag is ek 25 jaar getroud, met my hoërskoolliefde, en ons ken mekaar vandat ek 14 jaar oud is.

Hulle sê, as jy 25 jaar getroud is, dan gee jy silwer vir mekaar, maar hierdie jaar kan ons nie silwer gee nie, want ons sente is op.  As ‘n mens se sente opraak, sonder dat jy […]

  • Mom on Thyme mushroom pasta

Mom on Thyme on Mushroom Pasta and Thyme2B:

19 October 2016

Sometimes moms get tired and just need to be.  They get tired of thinking too much and planning all the time.  When moms are in being mode, dads usually have to take over.  Moms then, are grateful, a bit tearful and let dads cook, while they sit, and sip on wine which was […]

  • Mom on Thyme limiting thoughts

Mom on Thyme on limiting thoughts and steak salad|Tiemie Ma oor nie wyd en ver genoeg dink nie en biefstuk slaai

10 October 2016:

Things are not always what they seem.  You think you have run out of ideas – but then you didn’t.  You think you are too tired to think, but then you aren’t.   You think things are really bad, but then it’s not.  You think steak is too expensive, but then it’s on special.

We […]

  • Mom on Thyme midweek celebrations

Mom on Thyme on midweek celebrations and marshmallow puddles|Tiemie Ma oor fees vier in die week en marshmallow poeletjies

5 October 2016:

When our twins were born, lots of people used to say:  “Double trouble is on its way …”.   I cannot remember much of this predicted double trouble, but I can remember lots of double joy.   Double joy in playing around, double joy in hugs and double joy in laughter.

As parents we had to […]

October 5th, 2016|Appreciate, Authentic, Celebrate, Creativity, Feeling thankful, Mom on Thyme|
  • Thyme to blog my happy place

My happy place:

A search on Pinterest about happy places resulted in the following … Some people think beaches are happy places. Some think reading books can bring you to a happy place, or being with someone specific. Some is of the opinion that it is on top of mountains and beneath the stars and […]

July 14th, 2016|Appreciate, Awareness, Beauty, Feeling thankful, Happy place|
  • Why Stories

Why Stories?

According to Ed Catmull – founder of Pixar – we don’t share our stories anymore, because we get stuck or attached to fabricated stories that are often stand-ins for real actions.

I also believe that we keep quiet because we are afraid that we will be judged, or that our story is not good […]